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Our blog on witchcraft & magic, between othering and self-empowerment!


Marburg’s theme of the year for 2020 is Andersartig (otherness): Witches. Belief. Prosecution. It commemorates those accused and persecuted for witchcraft in and around Marburg. In the 17th century numerous people in and around Marburg were accused of witchcraft, some of whom were tortured in the Hexenturm (Witch Tower) and killed at the Richtsberg (Judgement Hill). The theme year sheds light on this history of witch belief and witch persecution and investigates their traces beyond Marburg and until the present. Marburg will offer a variety of cultural events, some of which will be documented on this blog (You can download the program here).

To make this blog more accessible every now and then we are going to publish some of the articles in English. If you want to explore you can start with this article about the artist Alexeir Diaz Bravo!


The Blog deals with othering in focussing on the historical and contemporary witches and their social attributions, cultural reception and artistic interpretation. What is considered „normal“ and what isn’t? Who determines this? What does it mean to describe something or someone as „different“? Otherness can be a lot of things – conscious rebellion, unwanted social marginalization, exclusion and so much more. As complex as the own judgment or the one by others are also the effects on the person concerned: The persecution of witches in the 17th century is just one of many examples. Even today, people are threatened by ascriptions of otherness. But what is this otherness?

Because it is A N D E R S [nicht] A R T I G *, it sometimes contradicts what we are used to. The theme of the historical witch hunt points to further examples of structural violence, up to the present day. Other forms of social injustice and the participation of religions, sciences and state legal systems in them can be critically considered here. We want to dive deeper into the topic of otherness, its construction and consequences – in history and today. Our team addresses these questions from the perspective of cultural studies, history and the study of religions. We want to allow, moderate and contextualize the diversity of perspectives on this questions.


This blog A N D E R S [nicht] A R T I G * is intended as a commentary on the theme year about Witches and Witchcraft. It also offers space for all kinds of contributions – from artistic works, texts, and videos to statements and reflections. During the theme year, we will present and comment on some of the events accompanying the theme year and develop our own contributions. Guest contributions, interviews, information notes, and links are also planned, which will introduce a variety of perspectives.


In the various thematic areas – A N D E R S [nicht] A R T I G *  (ANDERS[nicht]ARTIGES), the contemporary (GEGENWÄRTIGES), historical (HISTORISCHES), artistic (KÜNSTLERISCHES), herbological (KRÄUTERKUNDLICHES) and local things (STADTTYPISCHES) – you can find information, suggestions, or activities about the year 2020. We would like to create an open space for research and reflection on historical and contemporary witches in society, art and culture. Your participation is requested, desired, and needed! After all, what would Marburg be without people questioning everything?!

Therefore, we invite you to experience, comment, and think about Marburg’s theme year Andersartig with us. You have an idea you would like to contribute? Contact us at AndersartigerBlog(at)


* The hard-to-translate „andersnichtartig“ plays with the double meaning of „artig“. In the context of „andersartig“, it refers to processes of othering („anders“ means different and the German „Art“ means also type and species), whereas „artig“ also means well-behaved (as in ‚nice girl‘). „Andersnichtartig“ in the context of the historical witch-hunts refers to the processes of othering the alleged victims and positions of resistance: Those who are involuntarily not in line or deliberately as the modern witches.

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